Go-journal2 - tool, that is a must for every sysadmin, especially working in teams

In this post I would like to present you go-journal2 - a tool, that I have been searching for some time, but probably due to the lack of Google skills could not find.

The requirements were simple - command line note taking app that supports multiple users, bonus points for having web interface for reading. The idea was to take notes while doing various tasks, to record changes made to the systems, document incidents and have it in one place, so any member of the team could quickly review it.

So there was no tool, but I have a good friend blinkinglight who likes to experiment with code and I have shared the idea with him. In a couple of days he has built go-journal2 - command line note taking app for sysadmins. It is loosely reminding of notes that Wikipedia sysadmins take.


  • command line taking note app, you can view and search notes as well
  • multiple users with various access rights, for example bots or scripts can have only write only access, while manager can have read only
  • web interface for reading all notes in place, with possibility of search
  • integration with Slack - there is a simple bot to interact with journal server as well.

It is working program, just very basic and ideas and improvements are welcome - you can find it on GitHub - go-journal2

If you have questions or feature requests - you can use GitHub or post them here in the comments and we will see what can we do.

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