Automatic backup schedule updated.

Hi! Decided to write a short introduction to the stream, hopefully it will not be the only blog post as most of my blogging journeys have been so far and the date is as good as it can be!

This site is just another place to store wanderings and experiences of an Admin, featuring posts from contributors, that would be kind enough to pollute this white space.

I must admit - I am not very good Admin, but somehow manage to stumble upon solutions and make them work, with a lot of help from Google and ServerFault. Mostly it is due to the lack of attention and laziness to read, so skipping to the final solutions without context and later finding myself reading bug reports, issues, help on the forums or other blogs. It is amazing to see somebody else doing the same things and make it work.

So what can you expect? Short snippets, walkthroughs, frustration venting, bad jokes and naked pictures. Enjoy!

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Photo by Amy Elting / Unsplash
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